Municipal Law

Whether you are a developer or landowner, municipal law matters related to land development or zoning are complex.  For example, there are 72 municipalities in York County, each with its own subdivision and land development and zoning ordinances.  On top of that, there are numerous federal and state laws regulating land development.  Every municipality also has its own “personality,” which can make the land development process easy or difficult depending on where your project is located.  Navigating the land development process successfully can be a daunting and frustrating experience.  That is where we come in.  Since we represent both municipalities and developers, we can provide a unique perspective that will help steer you through the rocky waters of land development.  We can cut through the red tape and bureaucracy, avoid delays and lower your costs.  If necessary, we can fight for you in court.  We have been successful with a number of land use appeals – all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

We can assist you at all stages of the land development process:

  • Negotiating land acquisition
  • Financing
  • Obtaining plan or project approval
  • Zoning approval
  • Trial and appellant proceedings

Don’t get caught on the rocks.  Let us help you get that project safely to shore.

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